expand your roland drum kit
$19.99 each


The perfect way to add more cymbals and drum pads to your Roland drum module. When using Drumsplitters products, you can split various inputs on your module to separate the head and rim sounds and increase the size of your kit. How often do you use the rim of a tom during your playing? Why not add a cymbal to the rim side of a tom and free up some of your inputs? By using Drumsplitters, you can do just that and expand your set beyond anything you have ever imagined.

Drumsplitters are individually crafted and each Drumsplitter is tested to ensure you will be ready to rock when they arrive. These splitters contain special components which makes them much different than the cables you would see in your local music store. Drumsplitters come in a variety of colors and are available for the TD-9, TD-11, TD-12, TD-15, TD-20, and TD-30 modules. Each lead is labeled for you to quickly determine the "Head" and "Rim" sides of the splitter. Just plug them in and start playing!

Why not try one on your kit today? Who ever said too many drums was a bad thing?...not a drummer


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